Massage Therapy & Esthetics Studio 

Myofascial Massage

This bodywork does not use oil as the intent is to stretch the fascia covering the muscles — the tough membranes that wrap, connect and support your muscles. This hands-on technique is good for any condition involving chronic pain, lost of range of motion and distortions in posture.    

30 min $45 / 45 min $60 / 60 min $75 / 90 min $105                          

Pure Essential Oils 

Choose from one of our custom blends of pure essential oils to enhance your desired effect and mood 


Shea Butter 

Instead of oil, choose Shea Butter to nourish the skin providing intense 

hydration and detoxification.                    


Sports Massage

Can be seen as a tune-up that helps athletes like you, to enhance athletic performance. It can prevent sport injuries and aid in their healing. More attention is focused on specific muscle groups. Sports massage therapy is geared toward athletes of every kind.

30 min $45 / 45 min $60 / 60 min $75 / 90 min $105       


                     All  ​Services subject to G.S.T

Deep Tissue Massage

Not your nicey-nicey tissue tickle ...  Similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. This is heavy duty relief for tight muscles and joint pain. We recommend this type of massage for the regular massage goer.  

30 min $45 / 45 min $60 / 60 min $75 / 90 min $105 


Swedish Massage

A relaxing massage that uses a combination of various massage techniques. This massage will loosen tight muscles, increase circulation, help regulate blood pressure, boost immune system, soothe sore muscles and improve overall skin and muscle tone.       

30 min $45 / 45 min $60 / 60 min $75 / 90 min $105          

Side by Side  Massage

Couples, friends or family members can receive a massage at the same time. Side by side in the same room experiencing relaxation together.  

30 min $45 / 45 min $60 / 60 min $75 / 90 min $105  (each)

Heated River Stones 

Heated River Stones glide over the tissues to release scar tissue, increase circulation, assist in toxin elimination and balance the body's energies   

Add....... $10                         

Add Ons to Massage

Massage Therapy

All Services by Registered Massage Therapists

Dry Brush Exfoliation 

A gentle brush sweeps away dead skin cells, improving circulation and detoxification through the skin. 

Add......$5 ​                     

Pre-Natal Massage

When you've started to show, aches and pains seem to come out of nowhere. Relieve any pre-natal blues with a relaxing massage. You and your baby will be a lot happier.  We have a special pregnancy cushion so mom is able to lay face down or can be positioned side line for comfort.  

30 min $45 / 45 min $60 / 60 min $75 / 90 min $105       


TMJ (Jaw Massage)

 External and intra-oral muscular work as well as neck and shoulder work to address all muscular problems associated with TMJ. 

30 min $45 / 45 min $60 / 60 min $75 / 90 min $105  per person        

Aromatherapy Neck Scalp and Foot Massage 

Deeply relaxing this treatment is focused on relieving stress in the neck

shoulders and scalp ending with pressure points on the feet

Pure Essential Oils are used to relax the nervous system in this treatment.  

30 min $45 / 45 min $60