Massage Therapy & Esthetics Studio 

~We have Crystals, Books, Pure Essential oils,
Oracle cards and more 
to assist  you on your journey

Energy Balancing 

A combination of Swedish Massage Techniques, Reflexology and Chakra Balancing to assist in physical spiritual and emotional well being. Incredibly nurturing and relaxing!

45 minutes....$60         1 Hour.....$75

Raindrop Therapy 

​Experience the healing properties of Essential Oils layered on top of each other over the spine and feet. 100% therapeutic grade oils are dispensed like rain drops about six inches from the spine. Then using various techniques such as Vita Flex and Feather Stroking, the oils are spread out and absorbed into the body. This process helps the body bring structural and electrical alignment back into the body in a relaxing and invigorating manner. Helping the body to restore proper function to the body at the cellular level. 
Given by an R.M.T


60 minutes.....$100     


​A Japanese healing art transferring the Reiki energy by various hand positions layed on the body encouraging the natural ability to heal and harmonize mind, body and spirit.

45 minutes....$60         1 Hour....$70

Foot Reflexology

This ancient healing art is beneficial for stress related ailments, in reducing pain and improving functionality of internal organs. Using pressure on reflex points in the energy zones in the hands and feet to find and release areas of tension and dysfunction in the body will restore vitality and balance.        

30 minutes.....$45          45 minutes....$55         

Healing Specialties

Aroma Scalp, Neck and Feet

A taste of ultimate relaxation with this focused massage refreshing the senses and balancing the nervous system. The ultimate care using massage techniques, targeting your aching neck and feet, followed by an aromatherapy scalp massage.       

30 minutes.....$45        45 minutes.....$55   

Partner Teach 

Both of you receive a Half Hour Massage while learning techniques customized to your needs! Learn to give and experience a great massage from your partner to practice at home. 

​90 minute session for both......$140